As a sponsor of the Child Care food program (CACFP) in Texas, we provide the following services to you, the child care center


Applying to CACFP on behalf of the center so the center does not have to go through a lengthy application each year and be financially and administratively responsible for the food program at their centers.


Provide training on CACFP guidelines and methods to center staff; also provide info on cost management and allocation to maximize reimbursements for centers


Provide access to meal tracking and planning software for the centers so the centers can efficiently track meal service attendance and menu production records on a daily basis.


Conduct monitoring reviews and frequent technical assistance for the centers to ensure that all CACFP guidelines are followed. Provide technical assistance so centers can continue to claim maximum meals each month to maximize reimbursements.


Provide assistance in menu planning and meal procurement to help with cost management as well as ways to use food service as a marketing tool to increase enrollment for the centers.

Manage Finance

Take full administrative and financial responsibility of managing the program for the child care center. The child care center can focus on its daily operations of curriculum, serving meals, enrollment, etc while we, the sponsor, manage the food program for them.


Provide reimbursement amounts to centers directly into their bank accounts quickly so the center can have the money to continue its meal service without interruption.